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Via focusing on the fundamental rules the common participant is not just given a operating wisdom of the endgame but in addition a company starting place on which to additional strengthen his or her curiosity and approach during this attention-grabbing degree of a chess video game. the writer, a Russian Grandmaster and endgame professional, takes the reader from the main straight forward checkmates, during the exploitation of positional and fabric virtue, correct as much as the research of tangible endings from grasp play.

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The Leningrad procedure of the Dutch protection is a fascinating hybrid of the Dutch and the King's Indian. for a few years, it was once considered with a few suspicion in view of the mild positional weaknesses created in Black's place. besides the fact that, within the Nineteen Eighties dynamic new techniques have been brought via such gamers as Sergei Dolmatov, Evgeny Bareev, Mikhail Gurevich and particularly Vladimir Malaniuk.

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The “golden” age of buying, within which it was once really effortless to accomplish annual price mark downs of among one and 3 percentage, has come to an finish. the foremost purposes for this are the consolidation in lots of provider markets, emerging strength bills, and starting to be source intake in lots of rising markets comparable to China.

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Of course! Now Black has an unquestionable advantage. His pawn structure is better, and his pieces can quickly occupy active positions. At this point Vishy was at a loss for good moves. Bd3!. Qg3 Qh6! Rxh3+ Kg8, White’s first rank is weak, and he has to take into account the threat Nc4xb2!. Qe4! Black all the same transposes the game into the ending. Rd1? A slip. Rd1 Rcd7, the black rooks rush into the white camp through d4. Ka1 Rc2! Nxb2! , and White resigned. This was one of the tournament favorite’s worst defeats.

Qxh6+ gxh6 the a2-pawn is lost. Nevertheless, this is just how he should have played. Qh4? a4! Bxh3! a5, and Black cannot avoid the rook exchange. Bh1! Kg2 g4 It seems that there is a safe square for the white king, but this is no more than an illusion. Kf1! Ke2, the torture continues. Kc4!? Re2 Trouble is brewing, but there is no decisive breakthrough to be seen so far. Topalov redeploys his forces. Rc2 Rb7! Kc2 Rg1 Black is about to triumph, but at this point Anand seems to have a temporary stroke of luck.

The second half of his tournament can be compared with the second half of his match with Kasparov in New York in 1995. Vishy simply couldn’t change the course of events. There were no weak players in the tournament, so he had no one to focus on. Anand’s last setback was his defeat when he played White against Morozevich in the 6th round. Eventually the result of Anand’s bad luck was that his score was –4. We can only wish him to forget this tournament as soon as possible and prepare for the next one.

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