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1le7 1 3 . §ac1 �b6 14 . dxc5? An interesting idea, but, as already men­ tioned not quite sufficient. 4Je4 would, of course, after ex­ changes, cost the f-pawn. bxc3 19 . b4 After this White can only hope to get a draw, and even that is problematical. exd4 would still lead to a colorful game. After this Black must exchange his queen's bishop in order to free squares for the attacked knight, as 20 . . t¥c2 etc. 15... '£) xc5 20 . . rxf3 4Ja4. §fc1 §dS! 21 Better than 33 . . rx c4. •. 4)b7 As the following shows the knight is not safe even here.

Xd5 Naturally! • It is a great advantage for the world champion that, being actually the best connoisseur of this particular variation of the Slav Defense, he can permit him­ self the luxury of playing it with White as well as with Black (compare his game with Dr. Vidmar). Q. e7 The worst is over inasmuch as Black is tremendously short of time. �b7? Black avoids the Meran continuation of which the main variation, 6 . . dxc4 7 . 1lxc4 b5 8 . , demands an exact knowledge of all tactical possi­ bilities.

Llf5, he would probably obtain a balanced position. 10 . 1l, xc3+ . Also after 10 . , this bishop would be exchanged. From now on White 's plan is very obvious, he has to form a so-called "minority attack" on the queenside, which will be effective, inasmuch as Black's weak pawn position prevents the usual counter-attack against the white king. 11. ll,d7? As the move c6 cannot be strategically avoided it was more logical to play it at once. Speaking in general, the present game is, and not through Flohr's fault, one of the poorest of the tournament.

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