By Brad Taylor

A terrorist hit is coming. CIA, FBI, and division of safety structures have spiked, yet conventional intel goes nowhere. It falls to the Taskforce—a best mystery crew that exists outdoors the boundaries of U.S. legislation and is charged with discovering and destroying uneven threats—to cease the unknown conspirators…

A shadowy path leads the Taskforce to Egypt—where an assault leaves one Taskforce member lifeless and one other slightly alive. Veteran warrior Pike Logan and his younger associate, Jennifer Cahill, are compelled to helm the more and more convoluted and hazardous undertaking: a challenge that assessments either Jennifer's skill to justify her activities, and Pike's tenuous skill to stick in control.

Sifting their method during the opposing plots of 2 terrorist enterprises will grow to be the least in their difficulties while a weapon of unthinkable strength touches American soil—the in simple terms kingdom during which Taskforce individuals are forbidden to function, and the single nation that Pike Logan might be not able to save…

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I was the captain of the aircraft and I had to make the decision, but I asked my crew what they thought. " ' The Victor's problems were the crew of the Vulcan. been held to unknown Throughout the an absolute minimum to Martin Withers and had flight radio traffic so as to betray as possible to any unfriendly listeners. So it came little as as a profound shock when, about half an hour later, as the Vulcan was in the middle of its final transfer of fuel before the target, suddenly and unexpectedly the red lights on the Victor flashed on to indicate that the refuelling was over.

M. Port Stanley time it was beginning to get light as Lieutenant Commander Andy Auld, commander of No. 800 Squadron, pushed forward his throttle. His Sea Harrier accelerated towards the bow of the ship, thrust into the air by the ski-jump\ then headed out over the sea slowly gathering speed. At measured intervals the rest of his squadron followed. In the half light the aircraft orbited over their ship and formed up, then headed west-south-west towards the Islands, flying just 50 feet above the waves.

Leading the lay-down bombers he saw a great deal of firing ahead, with tracer rounds criss-crossing the airfield. As he swept low over the water with two miles to go he saw the gunners start to concentrate on his aircraft. 'There was a lot of fire from just off the western end of the runway, and more from the hills to the south-west, all coming towards me,' he continued. 'I did a very hard 6 to 7 G jink to the left, held it for a few seconds, did an equally hard jink to the right then levelled out and ran in to bomb.

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