By B. J. Richardson

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Inherited enzyme adaptations, studied utilizing electrophoresis, can be utilized as markers for the identity of people, inhabitants constitution research, the delineation of species barriers and phytogenetic reconstruction. the aim of this e-book is to explain, in one handy guide, all of the theoretical and useful issues proper to these aspiring to use electrophoresis as a device for answering such questions.

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A population fitting the single panmictic unit model will show, for all polymorphic loci, no significant variation in allele frequencies throughout its geographical range, and each stock will be in Hardy Weinberg Equil­ ibrium. Such evidence of panmixia is, at best, circumstantial, since the same alleles may be found at the same frequencies in different subpopulations or neighbourhoods. It must be remembered that the potential to maintain different allele frequencies does not imply that divergences must develop.

These differences will be examined further as they arise in later chapters. A particular project often involves more than one of these basic categories. For example a study of a genus known to be in a state of taxonomic confusion regarding the number and distribution of species may have all four aims, namely; 1) to determine how many species or genetic forms are present (species boundary determination), 2) having done so, to establish reliable genetic markers for subsequent use in the correct identification of other doubtful specimens (genetic identification), 3) to investigate the genetic relationships among geographically isolated populations of one particular species (within-population analysis), and 4) to attempt to understand the evolutionary relationships among taxa (phylogenetic reconstruction).

The first problem concerns the limits of the category. That is, having decided that species A and Β are similar and species C and D are similar and that A, B, C and D form a grouping to the exclusion of other species, then should A and Β be placed in one genus and C and D in another, or should all four species be placed in the same genus? Where they are available, taxonomists place the limits of groups at natural discontinuities, with the level of the division being decided by the 'width' of the discontinuity (by analogy with those found in related groups).

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